Places to Eat in Naas Part Two

4. Indie Spice Naas

Indie Spice Naas is a great little spot a few doors down from One New Row. The food is rich and varied, our personal favorites are the Korma and the Tika Masala. There is enough variety here to suit anyone’s taste from the very spicy to mild and creamy dishes. Why not stop by for a cocktail afterwards and end the evening in style?

5. Gigi’s

Another of our neighbors is Gigi’s and we highly recommend their steak. Its a great place to eat for all the family and has the best service around. For great value food Gigi’s is the perfect place to start your evening.


Places to Eat in Naas

This post marks the first in our bi-monthly blog schedule. The focus this time is on eateries in Naas. Fortunately we are blessed with a variety of top notch restaurants in the locality and in this post we will look into their offerings in more detail.

1. Bouchon

Bouchon takes its name from a style of restaurant seen mostly around Lyon, France. They provide one of the best fine dining experiences in Kildare if not Ireland. There is a wide selection of options to cater for all preferences and the wine list is exceptional. At One New Row we have found the service to be excellent and we highly recommend a night out there.

2. Vie de Chautaux

Vie de Châteaux which is located by the harbour in Naas is a fantastic French Bistro. comes highly recommended by both the locals and visitors. The restaurant prides itself on its use of Irish produce and offers a relaxed environment for dining. We have enjoyed many fantastic meals in Vie de Chautaux and there’s no doubt we will be returning again soon.

3. Las Rada

Las Rada is a fantastic gem of a tapas restaurant in Naas. There is a distinctly Spanish feel but there is a variety of cuisines from across Europe available. The restaurant itself is a pleasure to be in, there is no pretentious atmosphere whatsoever. Las Rada is the perfect place to start your night out in Naas, why not come to One New Row afterwards and sample the best cocktails in Kildare.

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